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Farm Lot 19535/M off Great North Road, 10 Miles
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Yaluna Farms

Yaluna farms is a Zambian owned farm located in Mungule, off Great North Road at 10 Miles. Yaluna Farms is dedicated to building connections between consumers, food professionals and healthy quality produce.

Our Focus is on sustainability and improved processes that minimize impact on the Environment and Result in a better quality produce.

Through our Consultation division, #SoupsAgro, Yaluna Farms is Committed to the Provision of Innovative, Quality Solutions to enable our Clients achieve their Agricultural Objectives.

Our Core Business is to Advise Farmers and Agribusinesses on how to Optimize Production, Technically, Economically and Sustainably.

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Started the Company
Almost three years ago we started as a company. From then on, we began to grow Fast.

The Landscapers

Clement "Soup" Kaywala,

BSc Agri-economics Clement is an agribusiness manager, agricultural economist and practicing agronomist. He currently functions as project manager of Yaluna Farms, responsible for the planning, procurement, scheduling and execution of tasks ensuring a smooth running of farm operations.

Macwani Kaywala

Dip Agribusiness Mgt Macwani currently serves as Yaluna Farms Agribusiness manager, her responsibilities include selecting and supervising workers, helping in planning and budgeting, organizing routine maintenance, keeping records and communicating with potential product buyers.

Growth and Profitability

Our team comprises of individuals with a deep passion for agriculture, an understanding of the Zambian agricultural landscape and wide knowledge in agronomy, agribusiness and agricultural economics.

This set of qualities is also What We bring to our clients through our off farm management services division, Soups Agro Innovations. Our clients are assured of A+ services that assure increased productivity, maximized efficiency, and sustainability, attributes we believe are a must for any farm to be assured of Growth and Profitability

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